At SCALE IMPACT our mission is clear. We want to empower the most impactful climate tech scale-ups with funding.
We understand how critical non-dilutive funding is for the longevity of your business and want to maximise your sustainability potential, as quickly as possible. 

We’re a highly efficient, nimble team with ambitious goals of our own.
SCALE IMPACT was founded by Camilla Roberts (GAICD MBA) who had a vision to be the non-dilutive funding partner to world’s leading climate technology companies, targeting the mitigation of 300 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents by 2050, so we can help prevent exceeding 1.5 degrees warming. 

Camilla has the holy trinity of experience, essential for your grant success.
She’s worked in a research institution, in the executive team for a grant organisation and as a Chief of Strategy in a high growth scale-up. She knows where the soft and hard negotiation lines are, in order to get a good deal secured quickly.

Your up-scaling partner for the long haul.
As you grow, our partnership can grow with you. We scale opportunities from small to large grants and government debt through to government opportunities for overseas markets, including the United States. We’re with you all the way and always have your best interests at heart.

Make a good decision today for the future of your business.
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Camilla offers unique, specialised experience covering all corners of non-dilutive financing for scale-ups.

She’s held senior positions in a high growth scale-up and a research institution, and was part of the executive team who administered millions in non-dilutive funding for sustainable innovation projects.

Camilla founded SCALE IMPACT to accelerate the potential of sustainability scale-ups and has already secured or administered $150m in non-dilutive funding, with another $100 million in applications currently underway.

Let’s discuss your business vision and how SCALE IMPACT can help today.