SCALE IMPACT were successful in securing Cauldron $528,000 for a manufacturing facility business case from the Queensland Government in 2023. Cauldron and SCALE IMPACT are now applying for non dilutive funding opportunities ($2 – 100+ million) for the manufacturing facility.

Cauldron is a global, precision fermentation manufacturer, with proprietary hyper-fermentation technology for application across a broad set of sectors. Cauldron exists to unlock the potential of precision fermentation by rapidly deploying manufacturing capacity at a significantly lower cost to traditional “batch” fermentation.

Cauldron’s hyper-fermentation manufacturing technology unlocks attractive economics and price parity at a commercial scale for climate-friendly, bio-based alternatives of mainstream products by achieving significantly lower cost of goods sold with a fraction of the capex investment compared with conventional methods. Precision fermentation as a technology could service a $30 trillion market across seven verticals; food, nutrition, materials, beauty and personal care, chemicals, biofuels.

Cauldron sought funding towards the business case of a first-of-a-kind manufacturing facility producing climate-friendly alternative protein using the precision fermentation method in order to help meet the exploding protein demands of our 10 billion population by 2030.

SCALE IMPACT secured Cauldron funding from the Queensland Government for a $1m study by working closely with Cauldron and its partners including investors Main Sequence Ventures and the Queensland Government and Cauldron’s customers. SCALE IMPACT project managed the proposal development, application writing and supported contracting.

We secured $528,000 to develop Cauldron’s manufacturing facility business case delivered by Aurecon and BDO at a critical time ahead of our Series A, providing valuable substantiation to Cauldron’s claims for both private and public funders.

We love working with Scale Impact and are excited to find such a great partner to manage our non-dilutive funding applications for now and into the future. They are passionate, have deep knowledge and are highly professional and efficient. Their experience and complete management approach makes stress-free for me and my executive team. When you’re a scale-up CEO you’re across everything so having someone on your side with a proven track record and the right connections to government gives you the confidence needed to outsource mental load and propel to the next level of funding. Scale Impact are my trusted set of hands for non dilutive funding. Their pragmatic approach delivers maximum outcomes with minimal wasted effort or expense. Scale Impact goes beyond grant strategy and writing – they hone the value proposition for government stakeholders which is a very different language and structure to VC pitches.”
Cauldron Molecules (Series A)